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Happy 19th birthday Justin ♡

dude, i can’t believe you’re 19 already. it seems like you just turned 18 yesterday, awks. i know you won’t even see this but idec man. i’ve been a fan of you for like, i don’t know, 3 years now? and i don’t even regret being a fan of yours. like, supporting you is one of the best things i’ve ever done and i dont even know what i’ll be doing right now, if it wasn’t for you. i wont even have friends from different countries, i wouldn’t chase after my dreams and i would’ve given up by now, i wouldn’t have this blog dedicated to you. dang it, seeing you grow up fast sucks. because like the first time i saw you on my tv (lol) you were just this little kid singing one time, and says he likes girls.. a lot. and now.. look at you, you’re 19 years old and you grew A LOT, and you’ve matured of course. anyways, i’m crying right now don’t look at me. always remember that we, your beliebers, will always be here for you. no matter what. you may not know we exist, but we’ll be here for you. rlly tho, a lot of rumors have spread, the break up and stuff, look at us? your fans, cough, i mean your beliebers are getting bigger and bigger  each and every day. i hope you know that i’m not leaving you any time soon, cause like you know.. your music helped me a lot with my problems, and when every time i see you smile, i smile. aw yissss, u smile i smile. andddddddddd, you never fail to make me laugh every time you do dumb stuff heh. okay this is too emotional for me, dont blame me!1!1! i love you so much justin drew mallete bieber and remember, don’t go pokin’ ‘till i do is spoken lol jk i dont even know what im saying xo 

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i lost about 150 followers since like november lol wow 

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Happy 19th birthday Justin ♥

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Nothing can make me feel like you do.”

i wanna feel your body rock

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